General overview

Dashcoin works through 2 separate binary files operated through command line:

1. dashcoind.exe  – daemon to synchronize the block chain and mine dashcoins.

2. simplewallet.exe – wallet to receive and send funds.

Usage guidelines

  • Make sure that dashcoind.exe is running and synced when you start simplewallet.exe .
  • Always use "exit" command to terminate both dashcoind.exe and simplewallet.exe to save current synchronization progress.

Install & Launch Dashcoin

1. Unzip the archive.

2. Download block chain archive and unpack it to C:\Users\%user_name%\AppData\Roaming\dashcoin\ - Download block chain

Daemon: synchronization & mining

After dashcoind.exe is launched you will have to wait until it is synchronized with the network. You will be notified with several green "SYNCHRONIZED OK" messages.

Here are the most important daemon commands:

start_mining <wallet_address> [threads=1] Start mining in several threads to a given wallet address
stop_mining Stop mining
show_hr Show current mining hashrate
hide_hr Stop showing current mining hashrate
help Show all daemon commands
save Save block chain synchronization progress
exit Save block chain and exit dashcoind

Wallet: send and receive payments

Simplewallet.exe can only be used after the daemon is launched and synchronized.

Here are the most important wallet commands:

address Show your wallet address
refresh Refresh your wallet balance
transfer <mixin_count> <address> <amount> Send money to <address> with a mixing degree of <mixin_count>
start_mining <threads> Start mining in daemon with several threads to the current wallet address
stop_mining Stop mining in daemon
help Show all wallet commands
exit Exit simplewallet